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A Million Ways to Send Me to Hell by BilliMonroe
Summary: Bonnie is falling deeper into the realm of grief, and she is having a hard time remembering that she is one of the good guys. Dean can certainly understand the feeling. It's been months since Sam's dance...
Rated: PG-13 - Teen or Above starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Television > Primetime

*******Hazy Chestnut Dreams by Rae Lori ********* by DarkTrinity
Summary: It was the last straw and Aliya Meyers was going to do whatever it took to bring things back to the way they were.
Rated: MO - Members Only
Categories: Original Fiction

******Middle Man******* by Mya Lairis by DarkTrinity
Summary: The Middle Man by Mya Lairis
Rated: MO - Members Only starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Original Fiction

280 Days by Onimosity
Summary:   The length of the average human gestational period. This is a look at a few of those days in the life of one couple. Part of the Beastly Things SeriesBanner by Missus James
Rated: MO - Members Only starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Original Fiction

Avoiding the Storm by black_beauty904
Summary: Zaira Jacobs and Eli Jacobs (her son) runs away from their past, from the pain, and from a 6 foot 4 German. However, the German is not eager to let his prized possession escape from his grasp. Follow...
Rated: NC-18 - 18 and older only starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Original Fiction

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Roadside Gamble by Olivia DuBelle
Summary: A chance meeting with a trucker may give Rachel the new start that she needs.
Rated: MO - Members Only starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Original Fiction

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Aftermatth by Indira West
Summary: War is hell.  What happens after a battle can heal even the deepest wounds.
Rated: PG - Some Audiences starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Television


Shades of the Muse offers empowering stories featuring women of color.

There are infinite stories in the world that have yet to be told. Infinite stories in infinite shades. Shades of the Muse is a place for those stories, stories that empower women of color. Too often in society, women of color are marginalized or ignored, their tales left untold. This is your opportunity to let your light shine. Open the door on your world and share. Step into the light.

infinite shades......infinite stories

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New Life...

I am happy to announce that there is new life coming to the site.  A few multi-published authors have agreed to post some free reads here!

I am excited and looking forward to this new development.

Thank you to those who reached out.


--Dark Trinity on 05/12/15 07:31 am